Jay Aston-Colqhoun, The Brexit Party Prospective parliamentary candidate for Kensington

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Support the Brexit Party in Kensington.

Help us to secure a clean-break, and prosperous Brexit. Change politics for Good

Meet Your Candidate

Age UK Hustings

Thursday 28th November  2pm - 4.30pm

The Tabernacle,   34-35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London W11 2AY 

Extinction Rebellion Hustings (to be confirmed)

Thursday 28th November  7-30pm - 9.30pm

Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre,244, Acklam Road. W10 5YG

Kensington Hustings 

Friday 29th November7pm-8.30pm

St Mary Abbots Church,  Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4LA


Jay Aston-Colquhoun: Why I'm standing for Brexit

Serving The Community

The  country  is  facing  difficult  and  confusing  times. 

My reason for changing  a  long-standing  career  in  the  music industry to politics is because of the two party system having broken down  completely.  I’ve been  surprised  at  the machinations of both parties to deny the referendum result.

 Democracy must win for the sake of the people.

 Although Kensington voted  remain  I  want  to  be  the  voice  of those who  seek  to  leave  the  EU.   I want to make Kensington a great  place  to  live.  Like  you  I’m  concerned  about  crime,  education,  housing,  and  the  air  we  breath. 

For me,  it’s  about  your  quality  of  life.  I  used  to  live  in  the borough  and I see the changes very clearly, some good, some bad.

I think politics has become about them and us. I want to  re-build that bridge and the trust we have lost in politicians.

 I want to hear your concerns; The Brexit Party is full of new exciting ideas to take Britain forward

United By A Common Goal

  Democracy has been betrayed by our Members of Parliament.

 The  June  2016  Referendum  result  has  been  largely  ignored  and politicians of  all  persuasions  have  tried  to  delay and even overturn that decision, despite their 2017 Manifesto promises.

 The  Brexit  Party  represents  all  17.4 million  Leave  voters  in  campaigning  to leave  the EU, the  Single Market, the  Customs Union  and the Jurisdiction of the European  Court of Justice.   The Brexit Party  believes  that  only  a  clean  break with  the  EU  will  allow  the  UK  to  really  prosper.

 A  fully  independent  UK will have much  greater  flexibility  to  trade  globally,  rebuild  links  and  partnerships  with other  Commonwealth   countries,  and  adapt  its  laws  and  regulations  in  a rapidly changing world  

The Bigger Picture

This  is  not  only  about  the  EU, it  is  about  what  sort of  democratic  country  we  live  in.   Tragedies  like  Grenfell  can  never  be  allowed  to  happen  again.

Let’s make Kensington the best London Borough, in which to live and work.